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Case Studies

“Chance favors the prepared mind.” ~Louis Pasteur

Not every company will face a public relations crisis, but each and every one should be prepared for the possibility of bad publicity. The smart firm will have a written crisis communications plan that can be carried out at a moment’s notice and a trained spokesman ready to immediately respond to media inquiries. “No comment” is never the best option in dealing with the press. Truth and honesty and prepared sound bites that drive home your core message are usually the best approaches.

Jacque Boyd is an experienced crisis communications practitioner, starting with responding to a barrage of media coverage of Koreagate while she was press secretary to a U.S. Congressman from California. Several other global clients have faced media crises of various intensities and felt themselves lucky to have access to her skills. In her own words, here are a few examples of case studies she recently shared with crisis communications students at the University of Washington.

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