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Marketing Communications

For Howard University Hospital in Washington, DC, Jacque Boyd initiated a three-year marketing communications program toreinforce a sense of pride in this 150-year-old teaching hospital with such creative solutions as:

  • The hospital’s first major fundraising dinner, which raised over $1 million and was covered on live TV
  • Focus group studies with 11 hospital groups
  • Award-winning radio and TV spots highlighting celebrity patients
  • Image advertising in print media
  • Brochures to support the ad campaigns
  • A calendar highlighting the hospital’s unique history
  • A university faculty/student promotion campaign
  • A hospital HMO campaign
  • A partnership with Washington’s pro basketball team
  • A TQM (Total Quality Management) program to improve patient service.

By the third year HUH made measurable strides toward reaching its marketing goals:

  • Increased usage of the hospital by employees and university personnel
  • Positive patient responses
  • Increased community visibility
  • Increased physician referrals
  • Increased employee enrollment in the hospital’s HMO
  • Higher corporate donations.