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Jacque Boyd


Jacque Boyd, President

As a child reading the Sunday comics in her attic bedroom, Jacque Boyd dreamed of becoming Brenda Starr, the red-haired, globetrotting, comic-strip journalist. Her exotic escapades crossed paths with Basil, her eye-patched paramour. Years later, Jacque found herself in Aruba advising the Prime Minister and his black-patched lobbyist on crisis communications and realized her dream had come true. The only thing missing was the romance and Basil’s black orchids.

Soon after, Jacque decided to complete her successful Washington, DC, career as a Congressional press secretary, editor, journalist, and PR/advertising agency executive. Seeking a more balanced life, she packed her bags, along with well-honed marketing skills, and moved to Seattle in the other Washington. For the first six years, she worked in the trenches directing all marketing activities for a midsized law firm.

Fortunately, an entrepreneurial spirit grabbed hold and The Boyd Company emerged, a boutique firm offering unique marketing services to both well-established and up-and-coming businesses. Her specialty is branding ~ bringing a refreshing outside perspective to the way a company is viewed by its employees, clients, and the public.

Her clients say her work is magic because she helps them quickly and easily get to the heart of their core message and how it should be presented in all corporate communications. Using both her right and left brains, Jacque can art direct the creative side of projects and manage the project side of getting the work done. Since she works with only a small group of exclusive clients, Jacque is able to quickly grasp the nature of their business and strategize highly creative solutions to their marketing problems through a strategic marketing plan. She is particularly adept at creating beneficial partnerships that often result in an infusion of funding or clientele.

In the agency world, Jacque’s clients won coveted national Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Silver Anvil Awards and several advertising awards. She shares her branding approach through seminars for her clients and nonprofit organizations. Starting at age 14, she gained on-the-job training (along with journalism school at the University of Wyoming) reporting for both weekly and daily newspapers. In a surprise assignment, she even served as editor of her hometown paper, The Lusk Herald, for which she earned an “A” and 3 semester credits! She then studied marketing for an MBA at Marymount University.