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The Boyd Company and its partner teams offer a full menu of marketing communications services. A determined brand-keeper, Jacque Boyd strives to help a companies develop and communicate their unique brand throughout all communications programs.

The brand discovery process is a way for companies to focus attention on the firm’s central vision. A clear identity shores up company goals, promotes a culture of success, and provides a positive and enthusiastic environment for staff–particularly those directly engaged in effective communications with clients, prospective clients and the media. Our services include:

  • Branding. Establishing who you are and what you do better than anyone else. Finding your unique voice within a sea of competition.
  • Messaging. Developing your core message, taglines, slogans, and key words to use in all communication efforts.
  • Brand strategies. Determining the best way to reflect your brand in all marketing efforts and designs. Name your company. Name your products.
  • Website designs and content. Website designs, development, and content. Designing website and writing content that reflects the brand and highlights key words for search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Advertising campaigns. Designing a campaign that communicates your signature corporate brand with memorable taglines, messages, and unique designs.
  • Public relations campaigns. Strategizing and carrying out proactive PR strategies to raise awareness for the firm, company, or product. Develop and drive home the message.
  • Crisis communications. Developing an appropriate reactive campaign to answer media inquiries on sensitive topics. Write a crisis communications plan and help leadership rehearse the plan.
  • Media training. Preparing corporate leaders as spokespersons to take interviews and answer media questions on camera and off.
  • Logos and printed materials. Developing a look and feel with printed brochures or corporate identity packages that reflect the corporate brand. Partner with the most appropriate design firms for the task at hand.
  • Social media strategies. Determining what social media outlets are appropriate communication vehicles for your firm.
  • Newsletters, blogs, online postcards.Creating regular communications vehicles for email blasts or website features. Helping develop the list.
  • Client relations strategies. Interviewing clients for all-important testimonials. Conducting critical client surveys. Using this information as effective vehicles for turning clients into marketers for your company.
  • Videos and webinars. Creating arresting videos to convey your messages, give seminars, and captivate targeted audiences.
  • Filmmaking. By partnering with noted filmmakers, producers and screenwriters, we can offer screenwriting, script doctoring, production, and other filmmaking services.

Develop your Brand. Be clear. Stand out from a sea of competitors.